Youth Academy Update!

After a short summer break, the FC Wisconsin Girls Academy teams are back with many new and returning faces this fall! With girls ages 5 to 10, we continue to grow our academy program every year, adding more excited young athletes to the club.

In the month of September, training sessions have been largely focused on ball manipulation and small sided games.  We often start every training with skill work and moves, and the girls love to show us their favorite moves!  There is nothing better than learning new "tricks" with the ball, and we want the academy players to love having a ball at their feet. During the final training session of September, FC Wisconsin Boys and Girls Academy had their first combined practice, where our players had the opportunity to train with and against the FC Wisconsin Boys Academy in a friendly, age based round-robin. The event was a lot of fun and we hope to add a few more combined practices this season!

The first few weeks of games have already shown huge improvements across all age groups. Last weekend, the teams competed in the Racine Lighthouse Tournament.  All age groups took part in the tournament, which was an exciting and fun-filled experience for everyone. The U7 and U8 girls have shown a great desire to work hard to win the ball back quickly and show their skill on the ball. The U9 and U10 girls have shown their ability to make decisions on the ball instead of just "kicking it", including when to pass, dribble, or shoot. We're looking forward to continuing the fun for the rest of the fall season!

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