Learning to Train Individually

Consistent, highly focused individual technical training is the most important ingredient in becoming a great player.  It is a process that never ends - the higher the level a player aspires to, the more technical quality is demanded in their performance.  To reach the highest levels of play and become elite, players must train individually almost every day.

FC Wisconsin Eclipse works not only to teach players how to train individually, but also how to identify both the areas of their own game where players can separate themselves from the masses, and the areas where extra work is required to meet basic standards. For a look at how the enigmatic Mario Balotelli (Italian National Team) trained individually while at Inter Milan (Italy), click here.  

FC Wisconsin Eclipse held a session this fall that was almost identical to Balotelli's training session to teach players how to train basic dribbling technique individually.  These training activities included: (i) dribbling in small spaces; (ii) cutting the ball at speed with multiple surfaces and deception; (iii) changing direction with speed and deception; and (iv) air control.

Technical training requires determination, repetition, and focus ... as does becoming an elite player!


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