Overview of the FC Wisconsin Coaching Methodology

"Pedagogy" is defined by Merriam-Webster as the "art, science, or profession of teaching."  It is a word that is rarely used to describe soccer coaching, but it defines very clearly the mentality and approach of FC Wisconsin coaches to teaching the sport.  At FC Wisconsin, the role of our coaches is to teach the game in a way that helps players maximize their potential and achieve at the highest possible levels.  

  • This means our training exercises must be fundamentally sound, and our methodology must be based on best practices.
  • This means our instruction must encompass all components of the game, always prioritizing decision-making and understanding.
  • This means we must constantly evaluate our training to see whether we are impacting players in the desired manner to help them be successful.
  • This means that our actions on the field are a reflection of our character off of the field.
  • This means that our coaches must constantly be learning and growing in their teaching ability.

At FC Wisconsin, soccer coaching is an art, science, and a profession.  Our coaches are held to standards that insure that our players have the best chance of accomplishing thier personal long-term goals.

TIP Training

One of the largest factors that determines the long-term success of any player is the amount of time the player spends working on technique individually, outside of team training sessions.  While team training sessions can do many things – help introduce and refine technical skill, provide opposition and challenge, allow teaching of tactics and decision-making, etc. – in order to get sufficient repetition to become “skillful” with the ball, every player needs more repetitions with the ball than they get in team training sessions alone.  Because of this, and in order to help FC Wisconsin players maximize their development, FC Wisconsin created an innovative program to help young players learn how to train individually - TIP® Training.

TIP™ is an acronym for Technical Improvement Program, and TIP® Training is designed to teach players how to train technique individually.  TIP® Training is based on a progressive, developmentally appropriate curriculm designed to move players from simple to more advanced technique in multiple areas of the game.  Each TIP® Training program is designed to be completed in 8-12 weeks, with exercises and activities changing and progressing every few weeks to challenge the players and provide variety in the skill sets being developed.


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