The ECNL Launches Amazing Young Women Campaign

Celebrate Achievement, #BeautifulAmbition and More!

Today the ECNL launched the new Amazing Young Women campaign and its rally cry #BeautifulAmbition.  

Today the ECNL launched the new Amazing Young Women campaign and its rally cry #BeautifulAmbition.  The campaign celebrates all that it means to be an ambitious, achievement-oriented leader and what it means to be an ECNL player - whether past, present, or future.  

The Amazing Young Women campaign is calling on women of all ages to share their personal moments of #BeautifulAmbition and help drive a movement that celebrates the power of what it is to be an elite female athlete today. Through testimonials, tips and tools, this website is providing all girls to view, share and celebrate what it is to be motivated, strong, and successful.  The hashtag #BeautifulAmbition is chosen to represent the “beautiful game,” the pleasure of accomplishment and the commitment to succeed of all ECNL athletes.

To read more about the campaign, and find out how you can join and interact, click here.

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