Team of the Week - U15/16 RC

The U15/16 RC are the leaders and oldest team in the club's Regional Competitive Program. They have lived up to billing, setting the bar high this season with the level of intensity they show up with at each training and competition.  


This group has made some extraordinary progress on the field this fall.  They are gritty and ready to fight in every competition.  Their quality communication helps them stay organized defensively and win the ball back within seconds of losing it.  They finished their SECL season strong, beating AFC Union and ending their league play without a single loss!


Watching this team perform is a treat, but hanging out with them off the pitch is even better. They are a goofy group that loves to be around each other. Be careful as you approach any of these players with the ball at their feet as they may try to nutmeg you. If you have the misfortune to be "megged" and think you can fly under the radar without anyone knowing, you are wrong, because they let everyone know by yelling “NUTMEG!” loud enough for the whole field to hear. 


When they were unable to get together last spring, the team still found a way to compete by challenging each other to the virtual game Fortnite. They also had virtual baking parties, testing out different recipes and sharing their favorites with their teammates!

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