Regional Competitive Teams Play First Games

Regional Competitive Teams Play First Games

Having begun training in May when the COVID-19 restrictions started to ease, it has been a long preseason and our RC programs has been working hard and patiently awaiting their first game.


The U14/15 RC team now has multiple competitions under their belt, and have shown growth in each half of every game. The back four including Macy Bublitz, Amelia Burns, Julia Staeden, and Lillie Hagen have become increasingly organized, understanding when to shift, step and drop, and putting in critical tackles throughout every game. This group earned their first win at home when outside midfielder Ari Brunelli finished a one touch shot at the edge of the 18 yard box.


The U15/16 RC Regional Competitive Team have inspired many with the progress they have made over the last year. Their understanding of both the attacking and defending game model has increased massively, and they have become great competitors.  Their bond and honesty with each other helps the team be accountable to each other, which has further increased their enjoyment and performance. They also have already earned their first win of the, as well as two ties against tough opponents. We look forward to seeing this team continue to improve and demonstrate the skill and competitiveness of our Regional Competitive program as every player continues their individual growth.


In the weeks to come, both RC groups will work on possession, breaking the final line, and putting more balls in the back of the net!

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