Peer Mentoring Program Connects Older and Younger Players!

Peer Mentoring Program Connects Older and Younger Players!

The FC Wisconsin Girl’s Peer Mentoring Program is designed to provide mentoring, support, and positive role models for aspiring younger players, and to providing leadership and teaching opportunities for the oldest age groups in the club. It is an opportunity for FC Wisconsin's most experienced players to leave a lasting impression on the club that many of them have been playing for during most of their youth careers.

In 2018, the Peer Mentoring Program took a new form.  This year, every U16-U18 player is part of a mentoring group assigned to a specific younger age group.  The mentoring group is responsible for having different individuals attend training sessions and games each week to get to know, support, and cheer on the players.  Each mentor takes part in training sessions, answers questions, and discusses with the players what it means to be part of FC Wisconsin.

“I love the reaction of the young players when their mentors show up to train with them," said Youth Director of Coaching Andy Lee.  "It really does inspire them, and creates a buzz around training. It’s important for the girls to have role models, but it’s even better when their role models are from their own club and they can get to know them on a personal level. I’m also impressed by the response from our older players, and how much time they have invested in to the mentoring program. They love being around the younger players, and understand how important it is for our club to be a community. ”

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