Lilliah Blum Invited to id2 Training Camp

Identified as a Top Player in 2004 Age Group

From September 28 to October 1, FC Wisconsin's Lilliah Blum was in Massachusetts at US Club Soccer's id2 Training Camp as one of the top 60 girls' players in the country in the 2004 birth year.

The camp includes several days of training, two 11v11 matches, and off-field presentations on tactics and other topics to help players manage their ongoing development.  

"I really enjoyed id2 camp," said Lilliah.  "It taught me a lot about being a soccer player on and off the field.  The play was really fast, and that pushed me to be at my best.  The camp showed me I could could do more and play faster than I thought I could, and I need to push myself harder.  I will take that lesson and share it with my team."

Lilliah is a part of the FC Wisconsin-Madison program, and has been with the club for 3 years.  Many top players from FC Wisconsin have been invited to id2 events over the past several years, including Payton Wesley (UW-Madison), Jordyn Bloomer (UW-Madison), Lindsey Weiss (current U18), Aryssa Mahrt (current U16), Emma Jaskaniec (current U17), and more.

For more information on the camp, including a daily log, attendees, and more, click here!

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