Introducing the 2015-16 Peer Mentoring Groups

How much fun is it to be in a peer mentoring group at FC Wisconsin Eclipse?  Read how the groups identified themselves and see their answers to some pretty funny questions!

FC Wisconsin Eclipse is based on a “club-first” philosophy – where every player is a member of the club ahead of any specific team or age group.  A key part of this philosophy is the Peer Mentoring Groups – where every player in the club is assigned to a peer group with 4-5 other players from other age groups, ranging from 8-18 years old.  

Peer Mentoring Groups are created to help players get to know each other across teams, build relationships both on and off the field, and to provide support and role models for every player in the club.  To help the 2015-16 peer groups get acquainted, players in each group interviewed each other on a wide variety of topics and fun questions.  The answers provided were informative, entertaining, and frequently pretty funny.  Some of the best answers in these interviews, and some of the common themes, are highlighted below.

The first task of the group was to come up with a Peer Group name … here are some of the more "interesting" names:

  • "The Ladyfingers" – Marlee Lane, Audrey Poorman, Izzy Jacobson, Abby Pressnell
  • "Lets Get Messi" – Jen Wandt, Morgan Guest, Elizabeth Ehlert, Lauren Quast
  • "Soccertastics" – Maddie Hoitink, Maddie Fahey, Rebekah Howard, Dre Alberts
  • "Team Swag We are Epic" – Kate Del Fava, Stephanie Franczak, Ally Holtebeck, Mia Manney, Maddie Leffel
  • "3 Brunettes & A Ginger" – Lucia Englund, Emma Jaskaniec, Ava Barr, Hannah Lech

If I Were Coach for the Day: Apparently many of the players think the coaches need to get on a workout plan, and a few were very specific about their future coaching methodology:

  • “Make coaches run” (Katie Wegman U17, Amelia Hines U12, Shannon Bathey U14, Mallory Hointink U11)
  • “Make Andy run” (Maddie Leffel U10)
  • “Make Christian run” (Katie Hamm U15)
  • “Make coaches run forever” (Ally Menard U16 … who must have been having a particularly bad day when she said this.)

Hannah Lech U17 decided she would give everyone “a day off,” while Jane Kottak U12 thought it would be best to “have a party.”  Lucia Englund U12 had probably the best idea of all – she would be on a plane to Spain to “Coach Barcelona”!

Favorite Thing About The Club: Emma Jaskaniec U15 is apparently easily entertained, as her answer was “long bus trips.”  Some of the most common answers:

  • “Competitiveness” (Becca Cheever U12, Samantha Fonk U18, Kayla Zimdars U16, Aryssa Mahrt U14, Maddie Hointink U17)
  • “Everyone is pushing each other to do better” (Dara Adringa U14)
  • “Family feel” / “Closeness” (Emily Ehlert U14, Emma Tabor U15)
  • “Unity” (Kat Schmidt U18)
  • “Intensity” (Sydney Schaff U16, Katie Slater U17, Ally Menard U16)
  • “My teammates” (TylerRose Ayudan U13, Taylor Tabbert U17, Rebekah Howard U10)
  • “Skills” (Lucia Englund U12, Lilly Tabor U11)
  • “Vito!” (Kate Del Fava U18 … who was clearly paid for this answer)

The overwhelming number of answers regarding the training environment and club culture was great to see.  Successful players at FC WI Eclipse embrace working hard and use that common work ethic to create strong relationships with peers and coaches.

If I had $1,000,000:  There was an interesting mix of decisions on how to best use a financial windfall, including shopping sprees, world traveling, charities, and believe it or not, saving accounts for college!

ATTENTION:  A heads up to the parents of Maria Nordness U15 and Ally Holtebeck U13 – Maria is headed straight to VEGAS and Ally is going to “spend it all.”  Quite a few others were also ready for a new car or shopping spree, but a few are budding financial planners or philanthropists!

  • “Save for College” (Kristina Barczak U17, Maddy Swartzmiller U15, Lilly Tabor U11)
  • “Invest it” (Annika Seem U14)
  • “Go to Ethiopia” (Alemitu Caldart U13)
  •  “Travel the world ” (Rachel Dallet U14, Mara Pfeilstifter U18, Audrey Poorman U16)
  • “Charity” (Libby Snyder U17, Jamie Mohs U13, Mya Gersmeyer U13)
  • “Donate” (Elyse Bennett U16, Jordan Lohse U18, Isabella Paladino U11, Marlee Lane U18)

In good news for foodies out there, entrepreneurial Jillian Bloch U12 said she would, “Open a restaurant.”

Most Famous Person Met:  According to our players, we have a famous coach and player in the club, as both Christian Lavers (thanks Maria Nordness) and Jordyn Bloomer made the list.  But we also have plenty of players that have apparently been to Hollywood and other hot spots!

  • Ben Carson (Katie Hamm U15)
  • Steven Tyler (Maddie Fahey U16)
  • Lebron James (Mia Manney U17)
  • Steven Gerrard (Stephanie Franczak U16)
  • Luke Bryan (Morgynn Michel U16)
  • Taylor Swift (Ava Barr U14)
  • Hannah Montana (Bianca Stubler U17)
  • Sydney Leroux (Mikaela Hoard U17)
  • Abby Wambach (Emma Tabor U15)
  • Jordyn Bloomer (Delaney Hughes U18)

Common Answers to Favorate Books and Athletes:

  • Books – Book Thief, Paper Towns, and Hunger Games
  • Favorite Athlete – Julie Johnston, Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, Messi

Desired Talent: The most common answers were invisibility, mind reading, to be able to sing or dance, or to be faster.  Libby Snyder U17 took it one step further and would like the “speed of light”.  A number of players chose flexibility (?), but T-Rose Ayudan U13 was much more specific, desiring to “separate my toes far apart”.  Dre Alberts U12 simplified her request; she just wants to “Act well”.  Abby Pressnell U12 is apparently pretty comfortable with her already vast abilities, as she “doesn’t want any more.”

“What are you most thankful for?” Friends, and soccer were all frequent responses, but the most common of all - “MY FAMILY”.

Thanks to everyone for doing the interviews, for being a peer group mentor, and thanks for being a hard-working, ASPIRING player at FC Wisconsin Eclipse!

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