Hundreds of Colleges in Attendance; 25 Universities Watching Each FCWE Game!

To play college soccer, you first have to be good enough, and then you have to be seen playing against the best.  The ECNL National Play-Offs once again showed why the ECNL stands alone as the best path to college soccer.

Over 400 college coaches were in attendance at the ECNL National Play-Offs, representing hundreds of colleges at every level, including almost every Division I school in the country.  College coaches choose which events to watch based on the level of competition - in other words, they follow the talent.  The number of coaches attending the ECNL National Play-Offs in comparison to those attending any other event in the country, especially ones trying to compete at the same time, shows where the talent in the United States plays.

At FC Wisconsin Eclipse, the players in the U16 age group (the primary recruiting age group at this time of the year) were seen by more than 25 colleges at every game they played.  In total, more than 60 colleges watched Wisconsin's best players in the 3 day event.  This exposure, along with the unmatched competition and development in ECNL clubs, paves the way to college soccer.

Who is watching you?  Don't hope that blind cover letters, recommendations, and promises of personal connections are going to open the door to college soccer.  It is your career and your dream.  Take control of your own destiny and join an ECNL club to start opening the door to your future.

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