FC Wisconsin - Madison Team Shows Off Skills!

Individual Growth Clear in Futsal Performances!

The FC Wisconsin - Madison program is still in its first year of existence, but the positive impact of new training and development methods is already obvious.  The first and only FC Wisconsin - Madison team this year is a U12 team, but is largely made up of U11 players and even a U10.  The developmental progress of the players was clear in the quality of their play this past weekend in the Madison Futsal Tournament.  

"The team has had a lot of fun together this year, and had more fun at the tournament this weekend," said coach Christina Toda.  "Our training focus all year has been on applied technique and decision-making in keeping possession and beating defenders, and the growth of the players was so obvious this weekend in the way they played, the goals they scored, and the ideas they showed."

Through-out the season playing in the Madison Futsal League, and in last weekend's Madison Futsal Tournament, the players have shown more and more skill in various feints and tricks to beat defenders, and in ideas to combine together to keep possession and break defensive lines. Possession sequences are getting longer and longer, individual creativity is increasing, and the speed of execution is faster.  And as you can see in the team photo - the intra-team goofiness is also shining through! 

"We are establishing a base of critical skills with these players that will prepare them for great long-term careers in the game," stated club Director of Coaching Christian Lavers.  "Once these basics are firmly established, the players will have the opportunity to maximize their potential and pursue whatever goals they desire.  Just as importantly, technically competent players have so much more fun playing - because they are capable of doing so many more things with the ball."

The FC Wisconsin - Madison team will be playing in a variety of tournaments and competitions throughout the spring season, and will increasingly have opportunities to mix with players from Milwaukee as the club continues to provide unique development experiences.

For next season, the FC Wisconsin - Madision program will expand with more teams and players, and more programming in Madison.  Stay tuned for details!

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