FC Wisconsin Eclipse Named 1 of 14 #GoMental Clubs in Mental Achievement Program.

FC Wisconsin Eclipse has been selected by EXACT Sports and the Elite Clubs National League as 1 of 14 ECNL clubs to be a part of a unique pilot program to help players and coaches improve performance by understanding how better to manage stress, deal with adversity, visualize performance, and a multitude of other areas.  

As part of the new partnership between EXACT Sports and the ECNL, the participating players in each #GoMental club will complete EXACT’s online Mental Achievement Program (MAP) to obtain a comprehensive assessment of their mental and competitive psychological profile.  The results obtained in the MAP, combined with seminars with the coaches from each club to understand the data, will help provide insight into multiple cognitive and psychological performance traits, including motivation, confidence, competitiveness, leadership and mental toughness.

EXACT’s MAP was developed by a team of scientists with expertise in neuropsychology, predictive modeling, and adolescent development.   The MAP is used by the US Soccer Development Academy and over 60 professional teams in baseball, hockey, and soccer.  More than 100 NCAA soccer teams also use the MAP to aid coaching staff and elevate player performance.

To see the press release from the ECNL about the partnership with EXACT Sports, click here.

For more about the MAP and EXACT Sports, please go to www.exactsports.com.

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