FC Wisconsin Eclipse Launches TIP (Technical Improvement Program) for Youth!

Great players may come in different shapes and sizes, with different athletic attributes and different personalities, but they all have one common quality - great skill with the ball!  The ability to recieve a ball with any surface, dribble and feint at speed, and strike the ball with different surfaces and both feet comes from hours of dedication and practice.  Whether labeled as "great technique," "big-time skill," "confidence with the ball," or anything else - comfort on the ball is a sign of a player that has spent a lot of time training on their own.

To help our players learn how to train to improve technical skill on their own, provide them incentives and encouragement to manage their own development, and to help them maximize their potential long-term, FC Wisconsin Eclipse is launching the Technical Improvement Program (TIP)™ for U14 and below players.  

The FC Wisconsin Eclipse TIP is a weekly set of training exercises and activities that can be done by any player, with little equipment, and on almost any flat surface.  Itis designed to be a fun, exciting tool that helps young players get better while learning to love the game even more. The first activities of the 2013 FC Wisconsin Eclipse TIP will be introduced with current U13 and U14s on Monday, September 23.

Do you want more details on TIP? Do you want to know how to train on your own?  Do you want to know how to build a solid foundation for long-term success?  Come to an FC Wisconsin Eclipse training or clinic!  You will see the difference immediately!

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