FC Wisconsin Coaches Attend 2019 ECNL Coaching Symposium

Learning from Top Educators Across the World

FC Wisconsin Coaches Attend 2019 ECNL Coaching Symposium

From January 25 – 27, FC Wisconsin coaches Monica Gonyo, Joana Bromley, and Mike Malen were in Las Vegas, NV for the 2019 ECNL Coaches Symposium learning from some of the top coaching educators in the world.  Over the course of 3 packed days of development, the nearly 200 coaches from across the ECNL heard from:

  • Kris Van Der Haegen, scout for the Belgian Men’s National Team, assistant coach for the Belgian Women’s National Team, and Director of Coaching Education.
  • Fergus Connolly, performance expert and author of the books “Game Changer” and “59 Lessons”, and former coach for the San Francisco 49ers, Michigan Football, Bolton Wanderers (English Premier League), and advisor to military units like the  Navy SEALS and British SAS.
  • Tom Byer, author of “Football Starts at Home” and consultant for grass roots football programs across the world.

Each FC Wisconsin coach took something different away from the experience.

As a coach, once your players step out onto the field, the game is out of your control,” said Monica Gonyo.  “What is in our control is how prepared our players are for that game in terms of their decision-making ability. Training should be used as a way to create game-like situations for our players to learn how to problem solve. The more frequently players encounter problems in game like situations and solve them in training, the more prepared they will be for when they have to make that decision in a real game. The less a player thinks and can quickly act on instinct from learned memory, the better the player will be. Even when a player fails, they learn and improve.”

The difference between quantity and quality of training resonated strongly with Joana Bromley.  “You do not need an overabundance of hours at training to see player and team improvement,” said Joana.  “Coaches should focus on creating exceptional quality of experience in their time with the players, communicating expectations and keeping practice intensity and cognitive focus high.  Top coaches improve the training and learning process by understanding the what, why, when, and how of decision-making situations and make a richer and more impactful environment for the players.”

Mike Malen was struck by the consistency in approach between these educators and the philosophies at FC Wisconsin.  “After listening to Kris Van Der Haegen, what resonated with me was that the Belgium philosophy that took them from #66 to #1 in the world rankings aligns so well with FC Wisconsin's philosophy. One plan, One vision, One mission.  Focus on individual technical development vs team orientated results, while maintaining the same style of play at each age group so as the players advance in age, the messaging and strategy remain consistent.  I am proud to be part of a club that has adopted this philosophy for our players!”

For more information on the ECNL Coaching Symposium, click here.


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