Fantastic Foundation Set for the Future

The future of FC Wisconsin Eclipse is sharp and bright after the initial rosters for the Youth Academy and for U11-U14 teams have been set.

Aspiring young players of every age between 7-13 came to the club's Open House, Open Training Sessions, and more formal Try-Outs to find the best place to continue their journey in the game.  At FC Wisconsin Eclipse these players will be trained in an environment focused solely on long-term athlete development, by expert coaches with national reputations for player development, and in a club-based staffing structure where every staff coach works with every age group.

Beyond being totally unique in Wisconsin with its club-based staffing structure, FC Wisconsin Eclipse is also unique in the state in three other very important ways.  First, the club is solely focused on development of female soccer players, with unmatched history and expertise in helping female players reach their goals in college and beyond.  WIth a placement rate of 90% of graduating players into college soccer, dozens and dozens of club alums are currently in college, and a few are even playing professionally.  Second, the club focuses solely on one team per age group - never dividing resources or priorities between multiple different teams or levels.  Players in each of these young age groups are invited to join the club based on three basic criteria - their coachability, their work rate and determination to improve, and their love of the game.  Once in the club, they are then surrounded by players of all ages with the same passion, given incredible amounts of information and assistance, and the developmental spark is lit.   Finally, the club's players move on to compete in the nation's top youth female development platform at U14-U18 in the Elite Clubs National League - where they receive unmatched competition and exposure for college.

"We are so excited to welcome back our players for next season, and to see so many new young players joining the club," said Youth Director Andy Lee.  "The improvement and development of the kids in the club this year was fantastic, and it is clear that others in the community are seeing the difference that our staff, structure, methods, and philosophies make in long-term opportunity."

The Youth Academy and U11-U14 teams will come together for the first time in the 2015-16 season in August - where they will continue to build the foundation of skill, insight, and movement required to maximize their potential.  Public announcements of the players in Program 4 - the fourth year of the program - will be made in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in finding out more about the club, contact us to set up a free individual training session.


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