ECNL Pre-Season Underway!

ECNL Pre-Season Underway!

On July 30, pre-season for the FC Wisconsin ECNL teams from U15 to U18/19 began with a bang.  With a basic fitness assessment, and some 11v11 competition to discuss basics of the Game Model, the 2018-19 season was underway.

FC Wisconsin's U15 - U18/19 ECNL teams go through a six week pre-season period to progressively implement principles of the club's game model, gradually and safely build fitness, and increase sharpness week to week in preparation for the ECNL Season Opening Weekend on September 8-9.  Beyond the training sessions, during pre-season players have multiple meetings with the staff to go through presentations on style, philosophy, and specific scenarios in the game.

"The excitement and energy in this year's pre-season is different than any other year," said Director of Coaching and Methodology Christian Lavers.  "The players have really bought in to the process, and they are working incredibly hard to earn spots in the starting line-up, show their commitment to each other, and be accountable for their performances.  It has been a great two weeks - now we have to continue to keep the momentum, work, and excitement high."

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