College Season Kicks off with Wisconsin vs. Marquette Exhibition

10 FC Wisconsin Alums Involved!

In the first college pre-season game involving two in-state Division programs, the University of Wisconsin faced off against Marquette University at Valley Fields on August 11.  While the result didn't matter for either team in their dreams of championships in the 2016 season, the game provided plenty of excitement for 10 FC Wisconsin alums who faced off against each other, some for the first time.

The 2016 Wisconsin roster consists of 6 FC Wisconsin alums: senior defender Holly Heckendorf, sophomore forward Steph Fabry, sophomore defender Chloe Knudtson, freshman defender Payton Wesley, freshman goalkeeper Jordyn Bloomer, and freshman forward Dani Rhodes. Facing off against them were four alums with Marquette University: senior midfielder Caroline Fink, sophomore defender/mdifielder Allison Jacobson, sophomore Bri Jaeger, and freshman defender Mary Kate Simon.

2 FC Wisconsin alums started for Wisconsin (Heckendorf, Rhodes) and 2 FC Wisconsin alums started for Marquette (Fink, Jacobson).  The game finished 2-0 for Wisconsin, with both teams seemingly happy with how the game played out.

"Playing in my first college game was an amazing experience, especially when it was against some of my former club teammates," said Wisconsin freshman Payton Wesley.  "In the end, we were all playing to win so it was really competitive - but that is what makes it fun.  It was awesome to see them all again, and I hope they all have great seasons."

"It is always fun to play and compete against old teammates," said Marquette sophomore Allison Jacobson.  "You become really familiar wiht how they play whne you are on the same team, but now each year is different as they become better players and everyone learns new styles of play and different ideas from new coaches and teammates."

"Our club was founded solely for long-term player development - to help players accomplish the dream of being a college student-athlete," said Director of Coaching Christian Lavers.  "To see so many of our club alums on the field when two heavy-weight in-state programs meet gives all of our club, players and coaches, a lot of pride.  With 10 players on the field, and probably another 50 current players in the stands cheering them on, it was just a really special night."

(2016 FC Wisconsin alums and Wisconsin Badgers)

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