A Fantastic Fall for the Youth Academy

A Fantastic Fall for the Youth Academy

The FC Wisconsin Academy season flew by this fall with tons of fun, learning, and competition almost every weekend from September through the end of October!  Our growing program provided a platform for more than 30 young players who had a great experience improving their soccer technique, competing, and making new friends!


The FC WI U7-U10 aged players are in the “Foundation Phase” of their development where we focus on basic technique and concepts in the game to align with the characteristics and competencies of kids this age.  The trainings are "game-based" and "skill-based" to help kids not only enjoy training (while they learn how to train), but also enjoy gaining skills and comfort with the ball.   Watch what this looks like!


Every practice includes lots of opportunities to get touches on the ball and free play to encourage creativity and communication.  Beyond individual work, players are challenged every day to make decisions with the ball with varying degrees of pressure from opponents. This allows the first development of skill - the combination of technique with decision-making!  As players gain confidence in these situations, we gradually increase pressure of time, space and opponent!


FC Wisconsin's player-centric approach focuses on encouraging players to see, think, and understand for themselves - creating independent thinkers on the field! We look forward to continuing the fantastic progress of these young athletes at the FC Wisconsin girls Indoor facility this winter.

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