17 Club Alums Dancing in NCAA Post-Season

Leading the State in College Performance

17 Club Alums Dancing in NCAA Post-Season

Seventeen FC Wisconsin alums will be competing in the Division I and Division III NCAA post-season tournament this season.  Congrats to these players and their teams as they begin their quest for a National Championship!

  • NCAA Division I
    • Wisconsin (Steph Fabry, Chloe Knudtson, Payton Wesley, Jordyn Bloomer, Dani Rhodes, Audrey Poorman)
    • UW-Milwaukee (Erin Corrigan, Taylor Tabbert)
    • Louisville (Taylor Kerwin)
    • Washington State (Elyse Bennett)
    • Denver (Mary DeWalt)
    • Baylor (Jen Wandt)
    • Mississippi State (Hailey Farrington-Bentil)
  • NCAA Division III
    • MIT (Lilly Mueller)
    • Washington St. Louis (Kristin Reikersdorfer)
    • Rochester (Christina Feller, Andrea Lopez)

"We are incredibly proud of the record of performance of the players that have come through the club," said Director Christian Lavers.  "Not only have they done fantastically well in their own careers, but they have contributed to making the club a better place for the next generation of players."

More than 40 FC Wisconsin alums competed in college soccer this season.

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