13 FC Wisconsin Eclipse Players Signing for College Soccer Programs

Class of 2016 Includes 11 Division 1 Signees

On February 3, National Signing Day across the United States, 13 players from the FC Wisconsin Eclipse class of 2016 will be formalizng their commitments to college soccer. 

On February 3, National Signing Day across the United States, 13 players from the FC Wisconsin Eclipse class of 2016 will be formalizing their commitments to college soccer.  As of this day, with a few graduating players still undecided on their college plans, the future student-athletes from the class of 2016 represent 10 differerent universities, 11 Division 1 programs, and every player that has been in the club for at least 4 years.  Notably, every Division 1 program in Wisconsin (UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay, and Marquette) is represented in the class.

The college bound student-athletes in the class of 2016 are:

  • Jordyn Bloomer: University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Jessica Cooley: Southern Methodist University 
  • Kate Del Fava: Illinois State University
  • Delaney Hughes: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 
  • Adali Johnson: Valparaiso University
  • Jordan Lohse: Concordia University
  • MacKenzie O'Connell: University of St. Thomas
  • Mara Pfeilstifter: University of Wisconsin - Green Bay 
  • Ana Portz: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Dani Rhodes: University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Kat Schmidt: Wright State University
  • Mary Kate Simon: Marquette University
  • Payton Wesley: University of Wisconsin - Madison

"We are incredibly proud of the achievements of these players," said Director Christian Lavers.  "The amount of time and effort they have invested in their dream of playing college soccer, and the challenges they have overcome in doing so, are significant.  They have been fantastic ambassadors for our club and what it stands for."

In its past 3 graduating classes alone, FC Wisconsin Eclipse has helped 39 female soccer players accomplish their goal of playing college soccer, a success level unmatched by any club in the state - 90% of the club's total graduating classes have moved on to college soccer.

The club will be honoring the class of 2016 on Sunday, February 21 at the annual Senior Night.

Quotes from the Class of 2016: 

  • Jordyn Bloomer: "I chose the University of Wisconsin because I have grown up a Badger fan my whole life and the idea of being able to represent my favorite university was a dream come true. I knew it was the school for me from the very first time I visited campus.  FC Wisconsin Eclipse has helped prepare me by mentally and physically challenging me every day to perform at the highest level. The experiences I have had at this club with my teammates and coaches have prepared me to make the most of my college soccer experience and embrace all of the future challenges to come."
  • Jess Cooley: "I chose SMU because of its beautiful campus, excellent educational opportunities, and its welcoming soccer program that fit my style of play.  FC Wisconsin Eclipse has helped me tremendously in my journey to college soccer by giving me so many opportunities to be seen by being in the best league in the country and because every training session has helped me become better and grow as a player - preparing me for any moment."
  • Kate Del Fava: "I picked Illinois State because of the immediate connection with the coaches. I also loved the campus and the school has a great program for my major. The soccer is exactly what I was looking for and it just felt right.  FC Wisconsin Eclipse has pushed me to be the best I can be and provided me with excellent coaches and teammates that helped me immensely throughout my college journey. Without being in that club environment every day I definitely would not be where I am."
  • Delaney Hughes: "I picked UW-Milwaukee because it has a great campus and I loved the school.  I already know some of the girls on the team, but am excited to meet the rest and become closer in my current friendships.  My parents will also be able to come support me in my games and that is important to me.  I am very excited to begin my college soccer experience! FC Wisconsin Eclipse has helped me in my journey to college soccer by pushing me physically and mentally to become the best player I can be.  I have grown as a person and a player through the adversity of our intense training environment."
  • Jordan Lohse: "I chose Concordia University of Wisconsin because they are one of the only schools to offer a 4 year program in the degree I am seeking, and also have a successful, well known soccer program.  FC Wisconsin Eclipse has helped in my journey by not only working to develop myself as a player, but at the same time giving me an abundance of opportunity to play in front of college scouts in the highest female youth level in the nation."
  • MacKenzie O'Connell: "I chose to attend St. Thomas because it had everything I was looking for. It’s out of state, on a beautiful campus in the city, and I am able to continue to play soccer while studying hard to get my degree.  FC Wisconsin Eclipse helped me in so many ways to get to play soccer in college. With the amount of coaches at every practice, I was able to hear multiple viewpoints on how to see and play the game, and they always told me exactly what I needed to hear in order to get better. My teammates, both on my team and younger, are fantastic players as well and being able to practice with more than just the girls on my team makes for a great challenge each day. Without the coaches, players, and environment at this club, there is no way I would be as prepared to play soccer at the next level."
  • Mara Pfeilstifter: "I picked the university of Green Bay because I love the players and the coaches. The program made me feel right at home, and that was when I knew it was the school for me.  On this journey, FC Wisconsin Eclipse has made me realize that everything doesn't come easy. Being in the club has helped me improve in my soccer skills and it also made me grow up fast. Without this experience I don't think I would have been where I am today."
  • Ana Portz: "I chose the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee because they have a great soccer program, and I intend on going into business. My family has been by my side through years of practices, games, etc. They've made this possible for me, so staying close to home was a huge factor as well.  In the year I've been with FC Wisconsin Eclipse, I've learned things that other clubs didn't teach me in 5 years. The competitive training atmosphere and the way coaches and players hold you accountable, helps prepare you for the next level."
  • Dani Rhodes: "I chose to attend the University of Wisconsin because I wanted to attend a prestigious school, both academically and athletically. Having the opportunity to compete in the Big 10 and still be close to home, has always been a dream of mine. Playing for FC Wisconsin Eclipse has helped me immensely. The competitive environment allows me to push myself to be the best I can be and be surrounded with coaches and teammates who have similar ambitions as I do. This club has allowed me to develop as a person and player and taught me what it takes to succeed at the next level."
  • Kat Schmidt: "I picked Wright State for the location and the the program itself. I wanted to go to school outside Wisconsin and find a new city. The city of Dayton is great and the players and coaching staff at Wright were a perfect fit for me as well. Overall, athletics, academics, and the location was the reason why I chose it.  I came to FC Wisconsin Eclipse late in my junior year. Since then, I have grown as a player mentally and physically. The club has help me develop the character I am on and off the field. I can't thank the coaches and the players at FCWE enough for helping me reach my goal!"
  • Mary Kate Simon: "I picked Marquette for a multitude of reasons.  I wanted to play in a major conference like the Big East.  At the same time, I like the family atmosphere of the team.  I feel like I will be part of a family at Marquette, not just a student athlete.  FC Wisconsin Eclipse helped me so much in this whole journey.  No other program in Wisconsin allows you to compete against the best soccer players in the country.  The training every day is demanding and makes it possible for players from Wisconsin to compete against anyone.  Choosing to play for FC Wisconsin Eclipse has had an enormous impact on my personal development, not only on the field, but as an individual." 
  • Payton Wesley: "I was given the opportunity to represent the university that my entire life I’ve always cheered for. I’ve dreamed of the day that I’d actually be able to put on a Badger jersey and have an impact on the wins and losses instead of cheering from my living room. To me Wisconsin is home and there’s no place I’d rather be.  In my club, I have learned so much about myself through the atmosphere I was surrounded with on and off the field. My coaches and teammates pushed me every single day to never settle. The relationships I have formed with my teammates are indescribable and have taught me who I am as a person and what it means to be not only a teammate but a best friend. I would not be where I am today without them or the club."




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